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TekSup is proud to be a developer of Ease Access Manager tool which competes with GRC Application from SAP. This tool was developed as a clone to GRC and provides all GRC related functionality in a simplied form. This tool is easy to setup and use and has options of generating flexible reports. In addition , it can also be customized to address individual needs of the customer.

As TekSup Engineers were heavility involved in developing and cloning GRC to Ease Access Manager, they have an indepth understanding of the GRC Applications (Access Control, Process Control and Risk Management). Teksup provides all services starting from Installation, Implementing all GRC Scenarios and providing support for addressing any of the Security issues required by the auditors.

Our Security team is also well equipped to provide Role and Access Management for all SAP Applications in a structured way. We also implement best SAP Practices in terms of overall Architecure of the roles and authorizations design for all SAP applications.