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Managed Database Services

Organizations today demand the highest levels of information availability and data protection to support their applications. Specialized and flexible outsourcing provides quality, tailored systems management, and alleviates the need for costly in-house resources.

Managed Database Services are a flexible solution that can be used effectively to fit the needs of any organization. Whether you are attempting to lower IT costs through outsourcing, or looking for expertise to help you take advantage of the latest features and functions of your database, we can help. By letting us do the work, you end up lowering your support costs because you’re providing resources only as you need them.

The skills and experience of our DBAs allow us to design the best system for your needs, whether you're using a dedicated system or the cloud. We can integrate your database with products throughout our portfolio so your application can perform at its peak. Our Database Administrators (DBAs) ensure your databases run smoothly by providing remote daily monitoring.

Each of our DBAs, engineers, and system experts specializes in one database type, so we know each of the major database engines in depth: Microsoft® SQL Server® (including SQL Server 2012), MySQL®, DB2 and Oracle®. From answering installation questions to creating advanced configurations, we can help.

We'll handle time-consuming tasks like installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance. Plus, we can optionally offer performance recommendations, monitoring, and advise you of best practices. We're here 24x7x365 to answer your questions and provide Fanatical Support.