Solution Overview

Functional Solution Overview
Ease Access Manager provides complete automated User Provisioning,  Violation Analysis (for SoD and compliance status) , Administration of Workflows and Requests , Audit Reporting and Security Logs for SAP systems.

Significant Features

  • Functional workflows for manager level and role level approval for access provisioning.
  • Automated email sending options for access approvals and reminders.
  • Removes compliance violation at the time of provisioning.
  • Connects to LDAP for user authentication and verification.
  • Works based on custom set of Business rules.
  • Fully customizable as per client’s business process and provisioning requirement.

Target Customer Environments
The customers/clients/projects who are going to be benefitted out of this software are

  • Customers who have not implemented any version of SAP GRC solution.
  • Customers who would like to cater to their business process needs and implement a safe and violation free security environment in SAP.

Technical Solution Overview

  • The software is developed using Microsoft Visual Basic Dot Net along with the SAP Dot Net Connector connection interface.
  • The software uses either a Dialog or preferably a Communication user to perform the provisioning operations.
  • Automatically connects to all SAP systems in several landscapes.
  • Requires a Server for Access management administration